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Do you want a fun and clever way to put the Word of God in your or your child’s heart? Christian Books and Games offers a variety of products that can help you do just that!

Christian Books and Games is a store that sells Christian children’s books and Bible memory verse games and learning tools.

Michaelphone and the Next Big Head Contest Book

Michaelphone and the Next Big Head Contest is a book about an arrogant little microphone named Michaelphone who wins the Next Big Head Contest but refuses to give God the credit for his talent. However, when he loses his voice at the big concert in the EgoDome, and all his fans leave angry, he discovers he was wrong, and that every gift is from Above.

Michaelphone and the Next Big Head Contest Book with Audio CD

This book is also available with an audio CD.

The ABC Devotional Book

The ABC Devotional Book is a fun, kid-friendly book that was written to help children understand BIG truths about God in a very personal way. Each letter of the alphabet, from A-Z, has a corresponding memory verse for the child and a short devotional based on the verse. It also contains easy-to-understand discussion questions for kids and parents. The book goes hand-in-hand with the ABC Bible Memory Verse Chart and CD teaching tool.

ABC Bible Memory Verses Chart and CD

The ABC Bible Memory Verse Chart and CD is a fun way to teach your children Bible memory verses! This chart or placemat is an A -Z list of fun scriptures for kids. Each verse has a corresponding picture to illustrate the verse. The chart also comes with a unique and creative CD. Rachel narrates the verses and matches a sound effect to each one to help children memorize quickly. For example, "All we like sheep have gone astray" has little lambs "baaing" in the background. "Be ye kind to one another" is enhanced with the sound of buzzing bees. A great gift and learning tool for kids of all ages!

The Word I Know From Head to Toe

Kids love body parts! Eyes, ears, knees--it is so fun to talk about these things! The Word I Know from Head to Toe combines the fun of body parts to the importance of memorizing Scripture. The game includes the gameboard, directions, playing cards and CD. To play this game, the child will memorize the scriptures using the CD. The CD features Rachel Kelley and two children. It is an interactive CD with commands for the kids such as, "Touch the top of your head and say, 'We have the mind of Christ.'" The CD includes 15 Bible memory verses that relate to the body. After memorization, the child can play the game with others or by him/herself.

Christian Books and Games is available online and through a variety markets and shows throughout the United States. To find the dates for these markets and shows, you can find our schedule at Christian Books and Games on facebook. The books and Bible memory verse products are also available at owners, Michael and Rachel Kelley’s shows,